There’s not much to know about me, except I love to cook foods that promote good health, not bad health, as does most of the Standard American Diet—a SAD diet indeed.  To that end I dedicate this site, and hope it helps you in some small way to provide nutritious food for you and your family.



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    Naomi said,

    I saw you post on GNOWFGLINS about converting dairy kefir grains to water kefir grains. Someone just gave me some dairy grains, but my daughters can’t handle cow’s milk (which is all we have in the winter). I was wondering if you would be able to explain the conversion process?
    Thanks so much!

  2. 2

    marly67 said,

    Hi Naomi,

    Yes, I am working on this post and just about have it done. I love my converted kefir grains—those little babies just keep making my family the most wonderful, healthy kefir pop. We drink it every day and enjoy it so much. Stay tuned. I’ll announce the post on Wardeh’s blog, so watch for it.

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    Vic said,

    Hi, I stumbled on your website by a complete accident of searching for milk kefir grain conversion……YAY. Love the recipies.THANK YOU!

  4. 4

    Marly67 said,

    Hi Vic,
    Glad you found us. Come on back soon.

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    Deborah Jackson said,

    I am interested in your whole wheat bread recipe. I am looking for a recipe where a person soaks their wheat flour as one of my children has a wheat intolerance, and I have read that if you soak the grains in an acidic medium (like some kifer yogart) they are easier to digest. Also, I have been milling my own flour from whole wheat berries, to get the best fiber, for health reasons with my family, so soaking the freshly milled flour that I can use in my bread machine would be awesome if this is what you are doing. Also, I do have live kifer cultures I am using for making yogart, thus was very excited to see your post on converting them into a water kefir for making a fruity type of pop. One day at a time though, as this is a journey, trying to help heal several GI issues within the family through healthy foods! Thanks

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