Christmas Butter Cookies

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 Forget everything you ever knew about butter cookies, because these butter cookies  aren’t THAT BAD.  Actually, they’re kinda good for you in a sugar-kinda-way.  Know what I mean?  But, hey, we all need a little treat sometime and usually there’s some kind of sugar in it. 

This recipe is one I have been making for Christmas goodies for friends, neighbors and family for more years than I wish to count.  I’ve never allowed myself to bake them at any other time of year because they’re made with, you know, B-U-T-T-E-R.   But now, who knew, butter is no longer the baddie it used to be.   So enter— butter cookies.  Hallelujah!

I reworked  my old  recipe, applying all the new eating-for-health principles I’ve learned from all you out there in healthy food land,  and came up with soaked and sprouted 100 % whole wheat flour, and  vitamin A-packed homemade butter from pastured cream.  Yes, there’s some sugar in them, but the sugar I used—evaporated cane juice— is a teency-weency bit more healthy than white sugar.   On to the recipe . . .

To Make the cookie dough:

1)  Cut 3 cups butter into chunks to soften  (I make my own butter from pastured cream, but any butter will work)

2)  In a large bowl mix thoroughly:

              2 cups cornstarch

               2 cups powdered sugar  (I made my powdered sugar in my blender with the evaporated cane juice sugar, but any powdered sugar  will do)    
               4 cups sifted 100% whole wheat  flour,  freshly ground from soft white wheat 

3)  Whip the softened butter in your mixer until light and fluffy.

4)  Add the dry ingredients from # 2 above, one cup at a time, mixing well until incorporated.

At this point you can freeze the cookie dough and bake it later, or just chill it well in the refrigerator.    I make the cookie dough in November and bake the cookies in December.

To Bake the cookies:

Form dough into 100 1-inch  balls (I use the smallest ice cream scoop to make it easier), placing 12 of  them on your cookie sheet so there is 3″ between each cookie.  Flatten  each ball with a cookie stamp (I have a snow flake press) or the bottom of a drinking glass.  Each time you press a cookie you will need to dip the   stamp in a bowl of your powdered sugar so it won’t stick.  Bake 350 degrees 10 minutes.  Let rest 5 minutes before trying to take them off the cookie sheet.  I use a sheet of parchment paper on my cookie sheet to make for easy removal and clean-up.  These store a long time in a covered cookie tin.


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